Finca Santa Marta: Grow With Us

Contribute to Finca Santa Marta and God Loves Kids USA to help feed children across the world.

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Contribute to Finca Santa Marta and God Loves Kids USA to help feed children across the world.

We are fundraising to establish a world changing organic farm!

The devastating effects of COVID-19 have decimated food production in 2020. According to Nobel Peace Prize Winner and World Food Programme Director, David Beasley, 270 million people world wide face starvation in 2021 and one in four will be children.

The challenge of feeding our children grows further out of reach as global food prices surge due to production cutbacks. Finca Santa Marta will allow God Loves Kids to grow and provide food for our children at five percent of current production costs. Once production is maximized, every dollar donated will go 20 times further than before!

When you donate to Finca Santa Marta you are feeding the neediest children in the world as well as your family. The Bible says When you've done it to the least of these, you've done it to me, (Matthew 25:40) so just as Martha fed Jesus we feed the children of the world. Soon, when locals buy food from Finca Santa Maria, God Loves Kids will provide the same food for a needy child. The goal of Finca Santa Marta is simple: develop this tool as a model for a global scale. You can be a part of this God inspired story of sharing His love by feeding His children.

$100,000 enables Finca Santa Marta to obtain the following:

  • Biofreeze driers - $25k
  • Keep farmers employed
  • Build more greenhouses
  • Improve chicken coops
  • Acquire new farm equipment including lettuce harvesters, flame throwing weed eaters, general farming hand tools, predator alerts and other general improvements

With your help, God Loves Kids can ease the world's imminent hunger crisis one bite at a time!